Will the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect China's energy supply?

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Update time : 2022-03-24 14:57:54
The recent escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has impacted the global energy market, and international crude oil and natural gas prices have further surged. The data shows that in 2021, Russia's share of global crude oil and natural gas exports will reach 11.3% and 16.2%, respectively, and its share of EU crude oil and natural gas imports will reach 27% and 35%, respectively. In 2018, my country imported 121.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas, becoming the world's largest natural gas importer. The rise in international natural gas prices will also affect the fluctuation of domestic gas prices. This inevitably makes the general public worried, will the situation in Russia and Ukraine affect my country's energy supply? The National Development and Reform Commission responded that my country is a major energy consumer and a major energy producer, so the overall energy supply is guaranteed.

While promoting energy production, my country is also continuously promoting the optimization and upgrading of the energy consumption structure, vigorously promoting the high-quality development of renewable energy, and accelerating the implementation of renewable energy substitution. A few days ago, according to data from the National Development and Reform Commission, the proportion of clean energy in my country's total energy consumption increased by 1.2 percentage points in the past year. Taking the northern clean heating project as an example, at the beginning, my country implemented large-scale "coal-to-gas" in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, resulting in a rapid increase in the consumption of natural gas for civilian use. It reflects that in the heating system, the use of other clean and renewable energy for heating and the realization of low-carbon transformation of energy play an important role in alleviating the contradiction between energy supply and demand and optimizing the energy consumption structure. The Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission also pointed out in the public comment notice on the "Catalogue of Prohibited and Restricted New Industries in Beijing" (revised draft for comments) that Beijing plans to prohibit new construction and expansion of gas-fired independent heating at the city-wide level. At the same time, the "coal-to-electricity" project, which is mainly based on the application of air-energy heat pumps, has brought high-efficiency, low-cost, environmentally friendly, safe, healthy and comfortable clean heating experience to the common people. If it is used well, it improves the local air quality and improves the residents' life happiness index.

In recent years, my country has continuously improved the electrification level of end-use energy and reduced the use of fossil energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas. In the application of new energy, air source is outstanding for its advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety, and zero pollution discharge. It is understood that air energy is a popular new type of clean energy. At normal temperature, the equipment can convert one electric energy from the air into four heat energy, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. Known as the "creator of air energy", Tongyi Air Energy has been committed to the innovative R&D, promotion and application of air thermal energy for more than 20 years. , and the advantages of perfect after-sales service guarantee, the air energy heat pump equipment is widely used in heating, cooling, hot water, constant temperature breeding, industrial and agricultural drying, swimming pool constant temperature, multi-energy complementation and other fields, helping to accelerate the formation of clean electricity as the center energy consumption system.

The wide application of new energy sources such as air source will contribute to the green and low-carbon transformation of my country's energy, and help build a clean, efficient and low-carbon energy consumption structure. In the future, Tongyi Air Source Heat Pump will continue to use air heat source to reduce air pollution, promote green and low-carbon development of energy with advanced heat pump technology, high-quality service and rich industry experience, and help my country's dual-carbon goal to be realized as soon as possible!